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Unlocking Inner Power: Dr. Shalini Poddar on Mental Wellness and Alternative Therapies

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], May 29:  Sprihaa Centre for Psychological Wellness and Holistic Healing, founded by Dr. Shalini Poddar, is making significant mental and emotional health strides. Sprihaa, which means ‘desires,’ embodies the belief that fulfilling one’s desires is essential to living a meaningful and emotionally fulfilling life. Dr. Poddar has helped numerous individuals heal from conditions like paralysis and cancer by addressing self-limiting subconscious blocks. The centre is dedicated to addressing the deep-rooted emotional issues that often manifest as physical ailments, using scientifically validated alternative healing methods.

Dr. Shalini Poddar’s journey to founding Sprihaa is both inspiring and transformative. Growing up in Kolkata, she was deeply influenced by the city’s vibrant culture and natural beauty. This early connection to her surroundings sparked a lifelong curiosity about the mysteries of existence and the human condition.

At the age of 19, Dr Shalini began volunteering with marginalised communities, including children of sex workers and victims of child labour. This experience revealed the profound impact of trauma on individuals and society, steering her towards a career in psychology. She pursued advanced degrees at prestigious institutions such as UC Berkeley and Calcutta University, gaining a solid understanding of traditional psychological approaches.

However, Dr. Shalini soon realised that conventional therapy alone could not address the complexities of human suffering. Driven to explore more profound healing modalities, she delved into disciplines such as psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and shamanic healing. Her studies led to a profound understanding of human consciousness and the power of intention in shaping reality.

With this knowledge, Dr. Shalini established Sprihaa, a centre dedicated to helping individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. At Sprihaa, clients are guided through personalised healing journeys using a blend of psychotherapy, energy work, and spiritual counselling. 

Dr. Shalini’s methods are rooted in scientific and clinical principles, ensuring that clients receive effective and reliable care. Her approach empowers individuals to learn the healing processes themselves, enabling them to help others and continue their growth even after therapy concludes. The centre also provides a supportive community space where clients can share their experiences and receive ongoing support, fostering a sense of belonging and trust.

The effectiveness of these alternative healing processes, such as hypnotherapy, is well-documented. Many of Dr Shalini’s clients have experienced remarkable recoveries from conditions like paralysis and cancer, demonstrating the potential of these methods when practised by skilled professionals.

Dr Shalini’s work highlights the importance of addressing mental and emotional health to prevent physical issues, as many physical ailments are psychosomatic in nature. Through her dedication and compassionate guidance, she has helped thousands of individuals awaken to their true potential and embrace the infinite possibilities within them.

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