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Surat’s Sakhiya Skin Clinic Hosts First-Ever Live Training on Advanced APTOS Anti-Ageing Method by American Doctors

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 13:  In a first time for Gujarat, a team of American doctors conducted a live training session on APTOS Method, an advanced anti-ageing treatment, for the specialists at Sakhiya Skin Clinic in Surat. The training took place on May 26 at the clinic’s Lal Darwaza location, led by Dr. Lakshyajeet Dhami and Dr. Tornike Aladashvili from Georgia, US. They shared their expertise and provided hands-on training to the clinic’s team.

In today’s fast-paced world, many people struggle to find time for self-care, which is exacerbated by rising air pollution and stress, leading to premature skin ageing. However, awareness about skincare has increased significantly, leading many to undergo various anti-ageing treatments to look younger and prevent ageing. The market for these products has grown fivefold in recent years.

Sakhiya Skin Clinic has been at the forefront of providing advanced anti-ageing treatment services for the past 25 years. It has catered to more than 50,000 people, including many celebrity clients.

Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya, the clinic’s founder, highlighted that people aged 50-60 frequently seek treatments to look and feel younger, and recommended starting such treatments around age 40.

Dr. Sakhiya explained that the APTOS method is a minimally invasive and safe facelift procedure performed using ultra-thin threads. This technique helps correct aesthetic defects on the face and body, smooths wrinkles, and significantly improves skin appearance and structure without surgical intervention. The live training session aimed to help the doctors at Sakhiya Skin Clinic master this innovative method.

The day-long training included both theoretical and practical sessions. Dr. Dhami and Dr. Aladashvili provided in-depth knowledge about the APTOS method, followed by hands-on training to the team. Dr. Sakhiya noted that the live training was highly instructive, equipping the clinic’s doctors with advanced skills to enhance patient care.

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