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Rudra Ecovation x AYCS: A Resounding Success in Promoting Sustainable Fashion

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 27:  Rudra Ecovation, a leader in sustainable innovations, recently partnered with AYCS (All You Can Street) for an event at the JIO Convention Centre in Mumbai. Celebrated as India’s foremost platform for urban streetwear and eco-friendly fashion solutions, the AYCS event saw Rudra Ecovation as the Sustainability Partner, playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable fashion.

At the AYCS event, over 250 brands were showcased, including a special segment called Sustainable Street, which highlighted brands committed to using sustainable raw materials. A key player in this segment was Rudra Ecovation Ltd, which made a notable impact on raising awareness about sustainable practices. Rudra Ecovation Ltd significantly contributes to environmental sustainability by recycling capacity of up to 8.8 million plastic bottles daily. This initiative helps prevent around 145,525 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, effectively reducing plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions, thus supporting global sustainability efforts.

The carpets used at the AYCS event, made by recycling over 150,000 post-consumer plastic bottles, underscored Rudra Ecovation’s commitment to environmental sustainability and set new standards in green fashion. Rudra Ecovation’s product portfolio stood out at the event, showcasing their innovative non-woven carpets and Anaura a sustainable alternative for unsustainable fabrics.

Ishani Malhotra, Head Anaura and Anaura Home, highlighted the company’s innovative recycling techniques, emphasizing the conversion of plastic bottles into both practical and stylish items. She stressed that this approach not only reduces waste but also establishes a new benchmark for the industry. Rudra Ecovation is at the forefront of sustainable waste management, particularly in the comprehensive recycling of post-consumer PET bottles, including labels and caps, which are transformed into valuable products like partially oriented yarn (POY) and vegetable crates.

Malhotra underscored the company’s dedication to maximizing the value derived from waste materials. ” We buy waste; we don’t sell waste. Our aim is to extract the utmost value from the waste material processed at our facility,” she affirmed. This strategy not only minimizes environmental impact but also promotes the circular economy, demonstrating Rudra Ecovation’s commitment to sustainable practices. Recycling isn’t just about environmental stewardship; it’s also a potent tool for combating climate change. 

Anaura: Future-Proof Fashion

Rudra Ecovation’s Anaura line transforms PET bottles into 320,000 square meters of fabric daily. These sustainable, versatile materials ensure comfort, durability, and minimized environmental impact. Anaura epitomizes stylish, eco-friendly wardrobes by replacing unsustainable fabrics with premium, recycled alternatives.

Anaura-Home: Eco-Friendly Living

Extending sustainable ethos to home textiles, ANAURA-HOME offers a range of eco-friendly products, including cozy throws, elegant curtains, luxurious bedsheet sets, and stylish cushion covers. Each piece is crafted with a commitment to creating a greener, more beautiful world. ANAURA-HOME presents a sustainable alternative to traditional, unsustainable fabrics, utilizing eco-friendly materials that preserve natural resources and protect the environment. 

“Anaura is a revolutionary product designed with our planet in mind. Embracing recycling is a crucial step towards sustainability. By choosing to wear a single T-shirt made from sustainable fabric, you actively contribute to saving trees and protecting the environment. One T-shirt can make a significant impact. Brands have shown keen interest to collaborate with Rudra Ecovation for using Anaura as the raw material instead of fabric looking at the quality, flexibility and comfort along with a green statement which Anaura brings to the brands.” said Ishani Malhotra, Head Anaura and Anaura Home.

“We received an overwhelmingly positive response from all the brands, especially those targeting Gen Z, who are keen to collaborate with us,” said Sanjeev Khanna, Vice-President of Rudra Ecovation Ltd. He added, “I’m pleased I had the chance to personally meet with all the brands here. Everyone was astonished by the high quality of products that can be made from recycled materials.”

Rudra Ecovation is committed to transforming waste into valuable resources. By recycling every element of PET bottles, including rims and labels, the company is leading the charge in sustainable fashion and home textiles. Their revolutionary products, like Anaura, are designed to save the planet by reducing waste and promoting green fashion.

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