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Innovative LYKSTAGE Platform Enhances Video Sharing Experience

New Delhi (India), May 17:  In a groundbreaking move set to transform the landscape of online video sharing, LYKSTAGE announces the launch of its innovative platform designed to enhance the experience for both creators and viewers.

Traditional video sharing platforms often struggle to maintain user engagement, with a mismatch between content and audience preferences leading to declining interest. LYKSTAGE addresses this challenge by introducing features that prioritize personalized content discovery, creator support, and interactive viewer engagement. This new platform aims to set a new standard in the industry, fostering a more dynamic and satisfying environment for all users.

The new player in the video sharing arena is called LYKSTAGE

The platform is specially designed and introduced to strengthen the Creator Economy while balancing the Video Ecosystem. Though these goals seem to be arduous, LYKSTAGE nailed it.

Immediate Rewards, Endless Entertainment

Ever feel overwhelmed by the constant feed of social media, video platforms, and user-generated content (UGC) which we cannot even relate to most of the time? Do you crave more than just scrolling – a way to truly connect and be recognized as a creator yourself?

Well, guess what? LYKSTAGE, a user-generated video sharing platform, is open for all to create, watch, and earn rewards. 

Here, creators can upload compelling videos, whether they are previously created content or freshly produced, and immediately begin earning rewards on LYKSTAGE. By joining the platform, creators may gain access to a range of monetization options and premium features tailored to enhance their earning potential and audience engagement.

For viewers, LYKSTAGE breaks away from the traditional “views only” model. You’re not just a number here; you also get rewarded based on your watch time. The more you watch, the more you’re rewarded. It’s a win-win!

Recycle, Remix and Rewards

LYKSTAGE is an user generated video sharing platform designed to streamline and expedite the monetization process. It recognizes the effort that creators put into generating ideas, devising plans, executing them, and ultimately uploading their content to a platform. However, on traditional platforms, creators often receive nothing for all their hard work. That’s where LYKSTAGE stands out.

LYKSTAGE empowers creators to get the most out of their existing video content. You can upload videos that have / have not already garnered success on other platforms and start earning on LYKSTAGE from day one! It’s a fantastic opportunity to breathe new life into your content and unlock a fresh stream of revenue.

What about Viewers? 

LYKSTAGE values your time and rewards you for uninterrupted watchtime. For every 30 seconds of continuous viewing, you earn LYK Coins, making your experience on the platform even more rewarding. The more you watch, the more you can accumulate, so sit back and enjoy the video content while earning as you go!

LYK Coins? At LYKSTAGE, your watch time earns you LYK coins, which can currently be used for direct payouts. In the future, LYK coins will also serve as your gateway to unlocking exclusive video content, special features, and even more direct payouts. LYK Coins represent a tangible reward system that turns your engagement into benefits.

Watch, earn, and be rewarded every moment you spend on the platform (Terms of Service apply).

Beyond Monetization: Building Connections

LYKSTAGE brings creators and audiences closer together by offering features that facilitate interactive and engaging experiences including Pay Per View format, Live TV, live event scheduling and more.

Creators can use live streaming and live event scheduling to connect with their audience in real time. Password-protected videos allow creators to share exclusive video content with selected viewers. The platform also supports launching live TV channels for Television Channel Broadcasters to reach new audiences and engage viewers. With watch time monetization, creators can benefit from the time viewers spend engaging with their video content. 

Game Changer for Video Content Landscape

Whether you are a creator looking to showcase your passion and turn it into earnings, or a viewer seeking quality content to engage with, LYKSTAGE has something for everyone. Its attributes, such as enhancing the global viewer-creator economy, offering various monetization options for creators, implementing a reward system for active viewers, and providing numerous features for different video content formats, collectively contribute to revolutionizing and advancing video content creation in the digital age.

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