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Sleepfresh Launches Groundbreaking Ad Campaign Featuring Vidya Balan

Sleepfresh, a leader in the mattress industry, proudly launches a new ad campaign featuring acclaimed actress Vidya Balan. This campaign emphasizes the crucial importance of sleep quality and marks a significant milestone in Sleepfresh’s journey from a regional powerhouse to a national challenger brand.

In our fast-paced world, where meticulous planning governs every waking moment, Sleepfresh’s latest campaign aims to highlight the often-overlooked one-third of our lives spent sleeping. The campaign underscores that true good sleep is measured not by duration but by quality, and how one feels upon waking. Vidya Balan, known for her authenticity and excellence, embodies this message, making it relatable and compelling for a wide audience.

“I am thrilled to be associated with Sleepfresh Mattress. This brand’s commitment to providing comfort and quality resonates deeply with my own values of authenticity and striving for excellence. Shooting for this campaign was an absolute joy! The creative team, the ambience, and the shared vision made the entire process incredibly enjoyable. We laughed, we worked hard, and we brought the essence of the Sleepfresh experience to life. Sleepfresh Mattress is more than just a product; it is about enhancing the quality of life. It’s about those moments of tranquillity and peace that a good night’s sleep brings. I am proud to be a part of this journey and excited to share our message with our audience. We’ve created something special, and I believe it will connect with people on a personal level, just as it has with me.” – says Vidya Balan.

Sleepfresh’s strategic objective is to elevate brand recognition on a national scale. By partnering with Vidya Balan, the brand aims to enhance its quality of awareness, leading to increased consumer inquiries and higher sales. The campaign positions Sleepfresh as a trustworthy and quality-driven alternative in a market dominated by legacy brands.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Vidya Balan to the Raunak Family. Her diverse appeal and credibility assure us that she will effectively convey our brand story to a broad audience. The campaign showcases Sleepfresh’s innovative products such as the 5-Zone Spacertech Technology and Actireact Technology, which set the brand apart from competitors. These features underline Sleepfresh’s commitment to consistency, trust, and quality,” said, Raunak Agarwal, Executive Director of Raunak Coirs Limited, the parent company of Sleepfresh Mattress,

The creative direction, led by director Saurabh Ghosh and DOP Saurabh Goswami, focuses on the core message of the importance of sleep quality. Avoiding gimmicks, the campaign stays true to the brand’s slogan: “Sab Bakwaas Hatao, Sleepfresh Ghar Lao!” This approach highlights the value Sleepfresh mattresses bring to consumers’ lives.

The campaign addresses the need for quality sleep and the critical role a good mattress plays. By providing clear, straightforward messaging, Sleepfresh aims to assist this demographic in making informed decisions about their sleep health.

Launching across multiple platforms including TV, digital, print, radio, OOH, cinema, and social media, the campaign ensures maximum reach and engagement. This 360-degree approach keeps Sleepfresh at the forefront of consumers’ minds throughout their decision-making process, reinforcing the brand’s presence in key markets.

Vidya Balan’s involvement extends beyond just appearing in the campaign. Her genuine connection with the brand’s message and her enthusiastic participation added a layer of authenticity and warmth. “Sleepfresh Mattress is more than just a product; it is about enhancing the quality of life. It’s about those moments of tranquillity and peace that a good night’s sleep brings,” she shared.

The partnership with Vidya Balan is just the beginning of many exciting initiatives planned by Sleepfresh. The brand looks forward to a long-term association with her, leveraging her credibility and widespread appeal to reinforce Sleepfresh’s position in the market.

About Raunak Group

The Raunak Group, established over 60 years ago, is a family-run business with a rich heritage in the sleep industry. The group leverages its expertise and integrated manufacturing facilities to deliver high-quality sleep solutions under various brands, including Sleepfresh Mattress. Raunak Group is dedicated to innovation, ethical practices, and fostering a healthy sleep culture across India.


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