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Skills that Top B-Schools like JIMS Focus on for Management Education

New Delhi (India), June 5: In this always-changing world, skills are among the most valuable assets for students. Whether the conversation is about an MBA or PGDM, there are certain skills that top B-schools like JIMS Technical Campus focus on.

The initiative of JIMS has been to determine and set a mission. They strive to develop expert and high-skilled individuals for the past 30 years. The institution has earned accreditations and appreciation from different govt. Bodies and industry institutions. 

But the big question is, what are the skills that top B-schools like the JIMS focus on for management education? In this blog, we will check out the more prioritized skills for attention at top B-schools like the JIMS technical campus.

1. Leadership

Leadership skills are the golden keys to successful management and a great skill set to include in the resume. Being an effective leader implies guiding the team to obtain the objectives of the organization. It also includes contributing to a positive and productive work environment. Irrespective of whether the role you are hired for directly states leadership as the need or not, employers tend to look for signs of leadership in your resume. They wish to hire individuals who can inspire others and lead the way. 

You need to understand that a good manager should have the leadership trait to urge everyone to work harder. They should also get the project moving forward. It is one of the skills that has been strongly emphasized by the JIMS technical campus.

2. Better decision-making

Good decision-making is important for any management role. It is yet another skill to master at JIMS. From leading a vital meeting to overseeing a team, being an effective manager needs knowing how to analyze challenging business problems and implement a strategy for moving forward. 

Here are three qualities that are a must:


All stakeholders who are there in the decision should have their viewpoints fairly before the solution. Without this kind of acknowledgment, they might be less inclined to indulge and implement the solution.

Conflict that is constructive

It includes engaging team individuals in the decision-making procedure. Additionally, It invites various debates and perspectives that stimulate creative problem-solving.


It is a function that ensures that the stakeholders are aligned before processing. Furthermore, It requires defining what constitutes a project. It also needs to define the initiative as ‘done’ within a certain period and evaluate if anything needs to be obtained. 

Therefore, By ensuring the procedure of decision-making, you can become a key individual at your company and influence the context in which the decisions get made. 

3. Delegation skills

Delegation is a management skill that implies tactically spreading the tasks to the most qualified workers. However, by no means does it imply bossing people around. Additionally, good leaders always delegate their tasks. They do so because it is a must for the team to accomplish more. Assigning the right project to the right employee needs understanding. It also needs to observe the weaknesses and strengths of the employee. 

Whether an aspirant is pursuing a PGDM or MBA at JIMS, there is a strong focus on delegation skills as when it is done well, most tedious tasks can even be found purposeful and a strong contribution to the team.

4. Self-awareness 

A high level of self-awareness is vital for managers. It is what separates high performers from their colleagues in the workplace. Additionally, This requires an honest evaluation and introspection of your traits and weaknesses. By indulging in self-assessment and turning to reliable colleagues to get insights into managerial tendencies, you can pave the way for your professional development. It polishes the areas where you need to improve. By doing so, it allows you to bring out the best in yourself and others. 

5. Management of project

Empathy is vital to delegating, leading, and other key management traits. It is the authority to determine how others feel towards a certain thing and their perspective. Managers and leaders are empathetic and effective as they know when their team requires dependence or nurturing. In return, employees feel comfortable sharing feedback or concerns. 

Management of a project is the procedure of organizing and leading a team to finish a project within a specific budget and time. It concerns managing people, tools, software, and budget and usually needs a lot of technical and training skills in addition to interpersonal skills.

6. Become a better communicator

Strong communication skills are a must. It is irrespective of what industry you prefer and what role you are going after. In management, it is the hallmark of a successful manager. Being in a managerial role is all about handling difficult business situations and ensuring your team has the tools and information needed to succeed. 

When you are facing difficulties such as navigating through organizational changes, you need to be transparent with the tasks at hand and instill your team with a shared vision of how the organization can benefit from the impending decision. 

7. Planning and Negotiation

Speaking of the skills that the JIMS technical campus focuses on, negotiation and planning are two of the essential ones. Managers need to think ahead to ensure the current projects and activities align with the business’s overall goals. Planning and taking the initiative show future employers that you have a good work ethic and are ambitious.

Getting the right solutions to problems is a skill that is a must in every top B-school, including JIMS.

Wrapping Up

Managing individuals and implementing projects on time and on budget is a trait to master by up-and-coming professionals. By enhancing your soft skills and continuing your education, you can acquire the skills required to excel as a manager and lead both your organisation and team to success.


1. What skill is a must for a management role?

Delegation, leadership, and management of tasks are all a must for a management role.

2. How many PGDM courses are there at the JIMS Technical Campus?

PGDM, PGDM (IB), and PGDM (RM) are the courses that the JIMS offers

 3. Are regular check-ins better?

Oftentimes, regular check-ins help you stay in the loop with projects and offer assistance anywhere and everywhere.

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